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Hotter and flatter than its Balearic neighbours, Ibiza owes more to the Moors than the Romans when it comes to spotting heritage and influence. Delving into the back streets of Ibiza town (a.k.a. Eivissa), the old city of Dalt Villa that dominates the view is a lovely haven of peace, all cobbled streets, massive walls, wrought iron balconies and the like. In contrast, La Marina down below is all about now: ever since hippies in the Sixties put Ibiza on the map, this has been the place to set trends and defy convention. To see and be seen. And while spotting famous faces and flexing credits cards is still a favourite pastime here, younger crowds will head instead for the new palaces of San Antonio where DJs are today’s royalty and mixing decks ring out anthems for a new generation.

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