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Paraguay is arguably one of the most unspoilt countries in South America for visitors, partly because of its former political history (a rigid dictatorship now ended), partly through its position at the very heart of the immense continent. It is split east/west by the Rio Paraguay, on which river cruises offer an excellent way of seeing the country. The capital Asuncion is on a large bay of the river and is a pleasant Spanish colonial style city. To the east, where Paraguay comes together with Brazil and Argentina, is a spectacular region of rivers and waterfalls such as Alto Crystal; just upstream over the border, are the famed Iguaçu Falls. To the west lies the Chaco a mostly arid region that runs through much of central Southern America and where sheep and cattle ranching thrive – a few days on a working ‘estancia’ is a fascinating experience. Paraguay also has extensive wetlands and rainforest areas – a paradise for birdwatchers. Any visitor quickly acquires the ‘mate’ habit – the national drink of yerba green tea, drunk cold as ‘terrere’ in the warmer months. Also worth looking out for is the beautiful brightly coloured lacework known as ‘ñandutí’.

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