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Madagascar is a BIG island in the Indian Ocean – many times larger than Sri Lanka, say. And that’s important if you’re planning to travel around. Roads are not good, distances are huge, but there is an excellent network of local flights. Separation from mainland Africa has created Darwinian unique wildlife, notably the 60 types of lemur. These actually pre-date monkeys in the evolutionary tree, live nowhere else - and are incredibly photogenic. The bird life too is an ornithologist’s delight. The main island ranges from rainforest to sharp volcanic ‘Pics’ but Madagascar also has its own islands, such as the Nosy archipelago to the north. Nosy Be is the largest of these, with some of the best and safest beaches – very shallow far out to sea, offering dolphin and turtle spotting boat trips. You can also go to Hell – the ‘capital’ Hell-Ville being named after a French governor Louis de Hell. Despite an absence of the big luxury hotels and lodges, Madagascar is friendly, with a superb climate for agriculture and tourists alike, and offers an intriguing blend of Malagasy African, French colonial, and Asian foods and cuisine.

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