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With the 4 main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, & Kyushu surrounded by over 4000 smaller satellites, Japan is a true island archipelago. And the myriad of islands offer an incredible diversity for the traveller... from deserted volcanic peaks to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the biggest metropolitan area in the world. All across Japan, the ancient Japanese culture melds with the latest technological innovations to make this one of the most exciting & vibrant destinations on the planet. And any visit is of course complemented by the unique Japanese cuisine with its clean, simple flavours and delectable fresh fish.
Accept it now, you won’t understand Japan. But you can marvel at it, enjoy it, and be welcomed by helpful inhabitants. Tokyo is no more typical of the whole country than any other capital – but it is a unique city. The astounding still-new Narita Airport is a good introduction, the sweeping ride into town shows off a spectacular skyscraper landscape (with Mt. Fuji as a backdrop), the down-town neon signs and crowded bustle are a son-et-lumiere in their own right. The most populous and exciting city in the world, Tokyo has everything – the Ginza shopping district alone has most of it, and the hotel district, Shinjuku, is crammed with stores selling electronic goods you’ve never even dreamed of. Go local – pack into a crammed subway train, take advice and boldly eat unknown food, visit temples for peace and calm. (And pray for a safe return to see more.)

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