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Cuba’s melting pot of cultural influences includes aboriginal, spanish, african & american… all combined to create the most diverse and populous country in the Caribbean. Whether joining the crowds at a baseball game or doing the rumba at a Cuban music concert, you cannot escape the uniqueness of this contrasting island. Even the weather offers its own extremes with the glorious beaches, usually lapped by warm Caribbean waters, sometimes transformed by ferocious hurricanes.
Dangerously delicious mojito’s in ‘Papa’ Hemingway’s favourite bar; a huge wrought-iron mural sculpture of beret-clad Che Guevara; anti-US slogans still festooning walls; ancient US luxury cars still rustily working as taxis (to be paid for in US dollars). The contrasts and anomalies of Cuba reach a peak in its capital Havana. And that’s before you admire the elegant Spanish courtyards and balconies that have survived since colonial days. Visit a cigar manufactury and watch the Romeo y Julietas being individually hand-rolled; sip what even the locals call a Cuba Libra as the sun sets over a sapphire Caribbean and plan a beach visit … mańana perhaps.

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