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Q: We have booked an all inclusive holiday to stay at Side Star Beach Hotel in August 2013 and my 5 year old daughter has coeliacs disease which means that she requires a diet free from wheat and gluten. I have been trying to find information online about food labelling and gluten free products which might be available in Turkey but have not had much success. Just wondered if you could tell me which is the nearest supermarket to the hotel that sells gluten free products and also if you know where I would be able to buy gluten free products.
A: We have not managed to find concrete information on shops in that area but we did find this article which might be of use: http://www.glutenfreemrsd.com/2010/06/eating-gluten-free-in-turkey.html Also, if you dont know it already, this site has useful info for celiacs on holiday: http://www.celiactravel.com/

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Fetiyeh Bay - lunch on board yacht, Fetiyeh Virtual Tour - Turkey
Fetiyeh Bay - lunch on board yacht Fetiyeh
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Lycian tombs carved into hillside, Fetiyeh Virtual Tour - Turkey
Lycian tombs carved into hillside Fetiyeh
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Marina yachts from wooden jetty, Fetiyeh Virtual Tour - Turkey
Marina yachts from wooden jetty Fetiyeh
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Rug weaving in narrow streets, Fetiyeh Virtual Tour - Turkey
Rug weaving in narrow streets Fetiyeh
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Tombs & view over old town, Fetiyeh Virtual Tour - Turkey
Tombs & view over old town Fetiyeh
Carla says:
"Wow, this is beautiful. Kind of reminds me of my hometown ..." [more]
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