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Worldwide Key Facts

Key Facts around the World

Want to know the population of Brazil? Ever wondered how big Belgium is? Any idea what languages they speak in Switzerland?
Our Key Facts pages answer all these questions and many many more with facts and figures from countries all over the world.
Need to know the dialling code for Singapore or what the time is so you know when to call?... then simply go to our Singapore Key Facts page to see the country dialling code and time zone.
You can even find out the local name for a country and city. For example, our Greece Key Facts page will tell you that Hellas and Elada are the local names for Greece, whilst Athinai or Athina are the local alternatives to Athens.
Whatever your travel information needs, we hope our key facts pages will provide the answer. And if they don't, wherever possible we have provided an up-to-date website URL for each country's official tourism website. Click on the right hand menu and research the country of your choice.
Seafront sunset scene, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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