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Worldwide Travel Distances

Travel Distances around the World

Did you know that the equatorial circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles or 40,075 kilometres? This means that, in theory, the maximum distance between any two places on Earth is 12,450 miles or 20,037 kilometres. From Madrid airport in Spain to Wellington airport in New Zealand, for example is 12,334 miles… is this the furthest airport to airport distance in the world. Let us now if you can beat it?
At the other end of the scale, from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Brussels in Belgium is only 98 miles... so much better to drive or take the train, rather than flying!
For calculations of many more distances between airports around the world, please see our “How Far Is” guides for each of the major international airports. Simply click on the relevant link in the right hand menu to find the “as the crow flies” distances from your selected departure point.
Lounge - El Encinar hotel, Majorca, Spain

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