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Worldwide Food & Drink Guides

Food & Drink around the World

Perhaps one of the best ways to get to know a country is through its food and drink? But when travelling to a new country the vast array of new & different foods can be a bit overwhelming, especially if there is a language barrier too.
Our food and drink guides give a breakdown of the most popular and authentic foods in different countries around the world, plus a few words and phrases to help you find your way around a restaurant menu or market food stall. Whether you are trying the rotten fish (Surströmming) speciality in Sweden or a different take on surf and turf (Porco à Alentejana) in Portugal, our eating and drinking guides should give you some useful tips for your gastronomic travels.
To find your perfect holiday meal, just click a country on the right hand menu and… Bon Appetit!
Stadshuset (City Hall) - venue for the Nobel Prize awards, Stockholm, Sweden

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