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Virtual Tour of Festung Hohensalzburg - mountain view, Salzburg, Austria

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Lois Ronberg says:
"You can see forever from Festung Hohensalsburg fortress - well all around stunning Salzburg in Austria. Getting there can be a challenge if you do a half-hour walk up a steep hill, but wise tourists will use the funicular, which only takes a few minutes, and there is the anticipation of a marvellous view when you get there. It leaves from the Festungsgasse complex about every ten minutes so there’s not long to wait. Look out over the Mozart’s old town with its varying church spires, historic plazas and the river Salzach defining the barrier between the old and new towns of Salzburg. Views out to Untersberg Mountain (of Sound of Music fame) and over to Leopold’s Palace, set beside a beautiful lake, (this building was used for the ‘’front facade’‘ of the von Trapp’s family home in the movie) make the trip worthwhile. Memorable is the countryside over the plains and up to the surrounding snow-capped alps. Below you, in the township, there are religious buildings galore; an ancient monastery on a hill, the old-town cathedral and hugely ornate churches, the Glockenspiel bell tower and other landmarks, all creating magnificent views no matter where you look. One of the vantage points to see this Austrian vista is inside the 900 year-old fortress. You can go on one of the fortress tours which takes you into a wing with a section leading out onto the top of a tower with the most impressive views all around Salzburg and down into the fortress itself. I took a stunning photo of a canon in the forefront and out through its ‘’window’‘ was historic buildings in the old town below - just one of many opportunities for photographers throughout the environs of Fortress Hohensalzburg, high above Salzburg."
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