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Virtual Tour of Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada

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Pat Owen says:
"On a long chilly October walk down Yonge Street we joined the many who hugged cartons of coffee as they hurried by dreary discount stores. At last we reached the splendid area around CN Tower and reminded ourselves why we had come to Toronto. The CN Tower, the underground shopping and the theatre opportunities are noteworthy but we soon longed for more cheery non-city sights. A leaflet at the hotel advertising Black Creek Pioneer Village, a short, easy train journey away, solved our problem. At Black Creek we had it all – we trod a carpet of maple leaves into history. We were at home amongst the cowboys. There’s a whole town to explore. Each establishment has actors in period dress ready to chat. The site is ideal for children but exciting for all ages especially those of us who grew up watching westerns in the cinema and on TV. Candle makers, carpenters, tinsmiths, blacksmiths, coopers, saddle makers and weavers all vie to tell you about their trades whilst housewives on the homesteads describe how they fetch water, cook and clean. Take a break in the saloon and be entertained by a banjo band. We were lucky to arrive during Halloween Week so there were extra activities - we watched excited children hollowing out faces in pumpkins to make lanterns and we joined in the claps and boos as “Dracula” performed his magic tricks. Though “Death” lurked about the site with his scythe – sometimes on foot and sometimes on horseback – everyone was having too much fun to be scared. If you are planning a visit to Toronto, I would highly recommend that you include a visit to Black Creek Pioneer Village."
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