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Travel Editors Review of the UK

UK weather is improving!

We are always predicted heatwaves at some point during a British summer, but more often than not they never arrive. The Brits love to complain about the weather and these erroneous forecasts only serve to heighten the malaise. Most British people believe, for example, that the UK gets more bad weather on the weekend than on weekdays... despite this seeming statistically unlikely, the Brits will swear it's true.

Having said all that, the statistics do show that, on average, Britain does in fact have a very pleasant summer climate. South East England has an average of 6 hours of sunshine during the summer (that's every day, not in total!) with average daytime temperatures well into the twenties in degrees centigrade (seventies in degree farenheit). Even in winter, there are on average fewer wet days than there are dry days with daytime temperatures very rarely falling below zero! It's not Miami Beach kind of weather but it's far from the grey & wet picture that most locals (and indeed many visitors) like to paint!

And what better way to enjoy this "really not so bad" weather than to take in some of the amazing sporting events that grace the UK calendar every year... Wimbledon Tennis Cahmpionships, International cricket, The British Grand prix, The Open Golf Championship, Premier League football, International Rugby... the list goes on and on and makes the UK a veritable sporting mecca for all sports fans.