Airline News – Ryanair giving away money

Directory of Airlines turns Ryanair through 180º

Want to turn the tables on Ryanair’s mounting list of charges - and who doesn’t? has worked out a neat way to do just that, using the airline’s own ever-changing rulebook. Here’s how.

One of Michael O’Leary’s recent wheezes is to charge the same in-flight prices whether in Euros or Sterling - you buy a coffee for either £3 (yes really!) or €3. But you can then ask for your change in either currency as well. Now although the two are close enough to parity not to bother the company, there is a significant difference - the latest check on our currency converter at shows that £10 gets you €11.20. So order a coffee and pay with a €50 note - but then ask for your change in sterling! Instead of the €47 in change (worth just £42) you’ll get £47 … a profit of £5.

Free coffee and £2 in pocket; not a fortune but enough to pay for the aircraft loo several times over. Fine in theory, but will they let it work? Well, one of’s roving reporters checked it out in practice on a flight from Carcassonne a few days ago. Result? Exactly as planned (even the coffee wasn’t bad) plus the great satisfaction of knocking a Ryanair charge straight back where it came from.

And of course we’d say it’s a fine example of 360TravelGuide keeping travelers up to date with an all-round view of what’s what in travel.