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Phoning Home from Abroad

It all seems so easy before you set off; your mates are already on their travels and you're going to hook-up with them in Barcelona, Rome or some other glamorous European city once you've saved the money and your travels can begin. No matter how organised and fool-proof your frequent e-mail correspondences up to the day of reckoning may seem, in practice these things are not so simple.

Even if you actually do manage to be in the same city on the same day, these places can be overwhelmingly huge, and trying to find each other could literally take hours, not to mention endless phone calls and text message exchanges- which can prove extremely frustrating if you happen to be on a Pay As You Go contract and are running low on credit. Rule number one, therefore, is to make sure you both have sufficient phone battery and credit at least! The second thing to bear in mind is clarity of location- pick a landmark which is impossible to miss and set a realistic timescale, giving room for navigational error.

Without doubt, the use of mobile phones does make this task a lot simpler than it would otherwise be, but you still don't want to be on the phone for an unnecessarily long period, especially if you are travelling for months at a time, as you'll soon find that phone expenditure will start to eat away at your travelling funds. That is, of course, unless prior to travelling you've done your homework and obtained the best possible roaming deal which means you can afford to use your phone for longer.

There are a vast range of mobile roaming deals out there to choose from but one which is definitely worth checking out if you're travelling between 1st June and 31st Aug is Vodafone's Passport deal, which during these months allows you to call and send texts at the same price as it would cost you in the UK and it's valid in 35 European countries. Phone users with this deal are also permitted to receive calls from the UK whilst in any of the specified countries free of charge. And the best thing is you don't even have to dive into a complete Vodafone contract just yet; however you do need to be a Vodafone customer (visit their website to view their range of smartphones, such as the popular iPhone). By sorting a roaming deal on your phone you'll save yourself a lot of roaming around the streets of cities searching for your mates.