Kevin's tips on finding a cheap holiday and keeping costs down whilst you are abroad

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Saving Money on Food & Drink Abroad

So you've found the cheap flight and hotel or the value for money package deal but how are you going to budget your holiday spending money? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you spread you holiday money as far as it will possibly go:

Currency exchange - search out the best deals for currency before you leave home. Exchange places abroad will often charge inflated commissions or offer low exchange rates. Even better, check with your bank to see what charges they make for using your bank card abroad. Often, bank rates are very competitive even compared to buying currency before you leave.

Eating Out - don't neccesarily be seduced by the main tourist areas of your resort. A large number of restaurants clustered together means more competition but does not neccesarily mean lower prices... Often the saving are made in the quality of the food! Instead, why not venture a bit off the beaten track and try a few of the quieter streets... here you will often find the sort of restaurantas that cater for local people and therefore offer good quality but at low prices.

Drinking - as with eating out, the better value drinks can often be found away from the large tourist focused bars and clubs. Head to smaller bars for better prices and a friendlier welcome. Alternatively, why not head to the supermarket and start your evening with a nice bottle of beer or glass of wine on your hotel baclony - guaranteed to be the cheapest drink in town!

Excursions - before going on an excursion or visiting an attraction be sure to check with your holiday rep or with the hotel staff. More often than not they will have special deals or money off vouchers that will help bring the costs down.

Duty Free - remember that local shop prices for food, alcohol, tobacco & souvenirs will often be cheaper than those at the airport. So why not have a browse around your resort shops to find the best deals and avoid the last minute buying frenzy at the airport.