Bri & Jo's excellent adventure 2006/7

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2 Oct 07

Dear All Heres our final missive. Thank goodness for that I hear you cry!

PERU - Puno / Lake Titcaca We visited the Uros floating islands, made of reeds. There are around 40 of them, all inhabited, but we did feel like trapped tourists whilst they tried to sell us their wares.

Cusco / Machu Picchu Cusco, the capital of the Aztec empire, is a lovely place. Fantastic architecture and beautiful plazas set against a mountainous backdrop. You now know what happened once we reached Machu Picchu. Thank you for all your messages. The journey there was fantastic too. Incredible scenery, fascinating Inca ruins, super food, good weather and a great group of people. Quite an entourage really; 14 tourists, 22 porters and 2 guides. Fortunately neither of us suffered from altitude sickness. Arequipa Another beautiful town, much of which is made from white volcanic rock.

Having found the Inca Trail quite easy we decided to give the 5825m El Misti volcano a try. We had to carry all our own kit on this one including tent, sleeping bag, mattress, water, etc. - another kettle of fish altogether. We completed day 1 from 3200m to 4500m without problems. Up at 1am (yes, 1am) three of us plus guide and a German group set out to reach the summit by sunrise. Unfortunately the weather hadnt read the script for our last major adventure. The Germans had all turned back by 3am. We continued over sand, shale, rocks, boulders and snow but were advised to turn back at 4.30am (5200m) due to gale force winds and freezing temperatures. Bitterly disappointing (sorry!).

BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro Once again American Airlines (by far the worst weve used) screwed up our plans and cut our stay to only 4 days. A fantastic setting for a city and for us to finish off. We found Jesus atop the Corcovado mountain and a few goddesses on Copacabana Beach!

And thats it. Our year of fun all over. Youd expect our list of places to visit to have diminished considerably, but weve heard about so many more, its longer than ever! Well just have to do it again someday.

Hope to see you soon Bri & Jo