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Self Catering Holidays in Spain

There are plenty of advantages to choosing self-catering holidays, quite aside from the fantastic cost savings it can provide. Self-catering in Spain allows you to explore and do your own thing whether that be a beach holiday in Malaga or the Costa Brava, a rural break in historic Andalucia or some sight seeing in Valencia. For the holiday maker who likes an individual Spanish holiday, a place to retreat from other tourists, and the chance to explore new places, a self catered apartment or villa in Spain is ideal. What's more your children will also enjoy it because they have their own space and can stick to familiar routines with food, sleeping etc.

These days, Spanish hotels try to attract people to choose half board, full board or all-inclusive packages, however, the food is often bland, samey, and a bit dissapointing. Spain is a country renowned for its diverse culture, especially its gastronomy and family approach to eating, and self-catering holidays allow you to appreciate this wealth of cuisine while choosing food to suit your mood or your taste buds at the wide variety of restaurants and eateries across Spain. You might even find a barbecue at your rental property and try your own gastronomic inventions with the fantastic meat and fish you`ll find in local SPanish markets.

Most hotels and resorts in the Costas, Balearics & Canaries are child friendly, but there is still the issue of what to do about the evening especially if the nightlife in your holiday destination tends to start well after your child`s normal bed time. Self-catering enables you to schedule your day around the kids, and find time to relax when it suits you rather than the staff. Ok, so you won`t find your bed turned down every morning after breakfast (unless you do it yourself!) and there`s no room service with self-catering. But you`ll be able to get up as late in the morning as you dare without the fear of missing breakfast or running into the housemaids. And if you can afford to rent a property with a pool in Spain, you`ll normally have it to yourself... There`s nothing worse than an overcrowded pool on a baking hot day or one that`s filled with teenagers bomb diving the rest of the holidaymakers.

Hiring a car in Spain is usually essential with self catering holidays but you`ll find some great deals if you book well in advance of your trip. If you are visiting Spain, you`ll find it bursting with life and culture, as well as glorious weather and wonderful dishes. Read some Spanish Travel Reviews for more on what Spain has to offer.

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