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From Siestas to Sainburys

Cuenca is the capital of the region of Cuenca but the town itself is still relatively small. Everything about the town is what I wanted…very Spanish, not a lot going on but great to see. Everything shuts for 2.00 lunch and it is like the dead. Then around 5.30 ish everyone wakes up and the whole place becomes alive. Everyone out with their families walking around in their best clothing. They are sooo glamorous, from little children to very elderly ladies and the men too. There are things I just binned cos I looked so shabby. Rush hour at the supermarket is 8.30 ish and then dinner starts from 9.30 onwards. It takes some getting used to but actually you do finally think oh I think I'll have dinner now…10 oclock!!

The food is great but not suited to veggies…lots of meat. Have not yet mastered the whole tapas/racions…thing. I think there are two tapas, a very tiny something with your drink, a bigger tapas you can purchase and then another much bigger tapas called a racion. All very tricky and Id like to say delicious but I had a bit of a run in with some snails!! The people are very hospitable though. When I was stuck in Lide with my coffee table, my duvet, my new cashions and shopping trolley, clearly needing a cab as I couldn’t even lift the table, never mind transport it on the bus. I looked pathetic and said ‘Nessicioto taxi’ and the cashier went and got her bag and found the taxi phone number for me. So kind!! Of course not only wouldn’t it happen in Sainsburys but it wouldn’t need to happen cos they provide a free taxi phone but….

I off now to see how I get on at the yoga…and to assemble my coffee table that is still in the wrapper.