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Canapes, Dog Do & Flamingoes

My flat in Cuenca is good – quite spacious with a tiny balcony so I can show off all my washing. But it is very cool – good when it is hot but terrible at night when I have a blanket wrapped round me! I have some view – the mountains are off in the distance and I have a playground and a bit of grass immediately in front. The grass is about the size of our garden but dog walkers drive here and let their poor dogs out of the car and the minute they poo pack them off in the car again.

My Spanish is not going very well but the women at work promise me that next week when we stay late to mind the kids, that they will be giving me lessons – topic one is going to be food. I'm teaching them English in exchange. Last week I was on a course with the British Council in Madrid – usual British Council stuff... disorganised but lots of nice and showy canapés at the reception. It was meant to be fairly light weight but I was exhausted with all the rushing back and forth from the venue.

I have signed up for the gym (but not yet attended cos I've been so busy), but the card enabled me to sign up for the lottery for Balle Espana…which Im hoping is Flamingo dancing.. or is that flamenco?!!! As a second choice I've also signed up for aerobics…apparently they let you know if you have a place some time after they make the ‘draw’ And on the way back I found the yoga class... I'm so excited. It is tonight so I'm just going to turn up cos these conversations by phone are just too tricky.