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Schools out - and the temperatures are down!

Hi Everyone from Cuenca – time I think to send you news of sunny Spain – yes very very sunny – but very very cold at night! I had to have a very eventful trip to El Campo to buy a duvet as I was awake all night with the cold – I think it is the altitude here. Cold at night but hot (today 33) in the day.

Well what can I say…the school is lovely but I have no idea what I am doing - they have ‘topics’ that don’t seem to have anything to do with the national curriculum which is what the project is meant to be based on. I'm only on my second working day and these darling children just look at me very puzzled. I'm trying to think of ways of keeping them on task but at least I haven’t got any behaviour problems – Spanish children are notoriously noisy but not with me!! Well not yet anyway!! It is an amazing walk to work – I cant believe I'm being paid for this! The journey has lots of up, up though and lots of down in ice during the winter no doubt. The school day doesn’t start until 8.45 and finishes 2.00 and we have a break for ‘breakfast’ – read cold meats, goat cheese, pastries.

The town itself is beautiful and Our Lady of Grace Cathedral is particularly impressive with its gothic style and bits dating back to the 12th century. But even walking around some of the narrow streets of town is just as interesting and enjoyable.