Honor's Tokyotopia

July 2008 - Honor's Favourite Tokyo Attractions & Highlights

Tokyo is often perceived to be a modern business city with high tech gadgets and salarymen in suits. It is so much more than just a business city! As a self professed lover of the big T after living here for 7 years, here are some of the reasons I'm never bored in this great megalopolis.

Shopping and Tokyo go together a bit like bread and butter. If you're a shop till you drop consumer, welcome to paradise. There are so many areas to choose from - Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Roppongi, Ebisu, and more. You can people watch to your hearts content, enjoy window shopping at your own pace, or head home with bags full of bargains. Just be sure to wear some comfy shoes!

How about dinner on a floating restaurant boat in Tokyo Bay? This is such a laugh, especially when your food is on the table and the drink begins to flow. Most boats have a karaoke machine equipped on board so, with a few drinks inside you, pick up that microphone and start belting our your favourite tunes. If you don't want to jump on a boat, try a local karaoke venue with a good group of friends. It's great stress relief and a lot of fun!

The parks dotted around the city are a relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle on the streets, while a visit to a genuine bona fide Japanese garden is pure serenity. Visit the garden that is part of Yasukuni Shrine and you'll see what I mean. Just down the road you'll also find the the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.

If I'm talking about what I like in Tokyo, I've got to mention the food. Some of the best Japanese restaurants are located in Tokyo as well as a multitude of international options. Personally I recommend trying some kaiten-zushi (sushi on a conveyor belt) and some okonomiyaki. Both are delicious and most definitely a taste of Japan.

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