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Day 8 - Verona

Just over 300 kilometres or 200 miles from Ljubljana to Verona. Top tip for this trip is to remember that as you cross the border you are entering Italy... a whole new world in terms of driving! Motorways are not too bad... just watch out for the wannabee Ferrari drivers doing double the speed limit in what they consider to be their own personal outside lane! However, italian cities are in a different league altogether... has anyone been to Turin (Torino) for example?... traffic lights here are completely ignored (and I mean completely) so that it's as safe to go on red as it is on green... crazy!

Sticking to negatives for a moment... when you come To Verona (and you should) please please don't bother going to see Romeo and Juliet's house. My romantic image of this most famous story has been forever tainted by watching an endless stream of male tourists posing for photographs with their hand groping the right breast oF Juliette's statue! Not a pretty site and remember... this isn't even their house anyway... it's just a story!

A couple of things really stood out for us in Verona. First is the Roman Arena or Amphitheatre which once you are inside is far better preserved than the colosseum in Rome. Sit up on one of the top tiers and imagine the gladiators battling away below... 2000 years on and the arena is still an incredibly impressive building.

Second recommendation in Verona is take a long evening sundowner in one of the many beautiful piazzas and be sure to try an Aperol Spritz. This is a perfect first drink of the evening and is a combination of wine & soda mixed with a Camprari-like aperitif called Aperol. It makes a Tizer coloured drink that you will see many of the locals drinking. Enjoy!

It's not hard to find a pretty square in Verona... Piazza Duomo, Piazza del Signori, Piazza Erbe, Piazza Bra... and when you are ready for some shopping, Via Mazzini offers endless high street brands and labels... and I mean endless!

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