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From the heat of the tropics, we head north of the Arctic Circle for the third of my Wow! holiday experiences. I'll keep this one shorter as I've spoken of it before, in describing a trip to Sweden's Ice Hotel. Though all of that trip was hugely memorable, there was one quite incredible occurrence.

The first night, having gone to bed early, tired after travelling, I woke a little after midnight and looked up at the very large skylight set in the roof of our cabin. There was a streak of light, like moon on a cloud except that it suddenly moved away. It was my first glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, the fabled Northern Lights.

Pulling on a few clothes - it was minus15 deg.- we rushed outside to watch nature's very own 'Son et Lumiere'. And what a show it was. Blues, greens, some yellow, an occasional hint of pink; great swatches, swirls, streaks; sometimes shimmering a little but mostly just smeared across the sky, drifting, fading, then reappearing. In fact the 'Son' bit of the description is inaccurate, since it was all in an eerie, chilled silence.

Like most of these experiences, the only problem is that I'm now desperate to see the Lights again.