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I now have the firmest buttocks in the east!!!!! and so I should have!! Simon and I have just returned from doing the Annapurna circuit - a trek of the Annapurna Himalaya range in Nepal. It's meant to be a 17-21 day trek but somehow we managed to do it in 13 days!!.... It was an amazing 13 days as well. WE walked though Beautiful landscape, passing though Tibetan villages which I'd only dreamt of experiencing. Every day the scenery just got better and better.

The Tibetan villages were just like I'd only seen in pictures before now - Prayer flags blowing on the wind, chortens (archways) at the entrance to each town, and prayer wheels all around. The people were lovely and we had quite a few of those moving interactions that will stay with us forever. It really was a lovely 2 weeks.

Physically it was the most challenging trek we'd completed so far as we both carried our own packs over 320km and we went up to 5416m - the highest we've been so far. It was VERY cold up to say the least! We walked through snow and ice of the day of the high pass. Luckly we suffered very little effects from the altitude.

Now we are probably the fittest we've ever been - and well my buttocks, I think I've said enough about them!! So we're now in Kathmandu enjoying all the trappings of semi-civilised life. So that's our news of the last few weeks...

Hope everyone is well. Lots of love wendy xxx