Sue meets China - a battle of wills

[EDITOR'S NOTE - Sue's blog is sent via email direct from China and therefore includes any grammatical errors caused by character set incompatibility and/or Chinese government censoring]

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Hi - how are you? Iím ok. Actually canít really complain Ive had my bed welded by a very nice man so I am only laying on a piece of wood now but it is off the floor!! I have light and its so handy having the shower over the loo holeÖ saves all that effort cleaning it each day!

I have finally cleaned the kitchen area - in total I think it took me about 7 hours and its only 4 foot by 4 foot. I scrubbed every inch of it - I really, really did...Last night I cooked in it for the first time. Its ludicrous cos you can get a perfectly good dinner with a bottle of beer for 42p and I spent 1 hour up the market and supermarket battling and bartering for llb of rice and some veg and a further l hour cooking it and eating it with a spoon cos there is nothing but chop sticks. Actually im not sure why I didn't use the chop sticks.

Things continue in chinese mode here - National Womens day today - received my visit from the local Workers Party leader and the deputy head and my gift of two chinese cinema tickets and a duvet - rather unique dont you think. Presentation tomorrow evaulating the differences between Western and the Orient (their words) education. Trouble is they - more specifically Sharon the wicked witch of the East - censors everything she thinks may be slightly controversial.

Must go now - off to the cinema....lots of love Sue xxxxxxxxxx