Moving abroad? How to take your car with you.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences you have to face, but the anxiety is compounded when moving overseas. While you will be leaving your home behind, and itís likely you will have to drastically thin out your possessions.
One such possession is your car. But it can actually be very useful to take with you, saving you the financial problems of buying a car in your new home when you will be facing many more costs related to getting your new life sorted.
So how do you go about taking your car with you when you move abroad?

Taking your car overseas
You have two choices: to ship your car overseas or, if possible, drive the car to your new destination. Whichever way, itís a legal requirement that you contact DVLA to notify them of your plans to take your car overseas Ė and this still applies if youíre planning on driving through the tunnel to continental Europe. Youíll be required to fill out a V5 registration document to show the date you plan to export the car. A V561 certificate of export will then be issued. Itís important that you have completed all the necessary paperwork 14 days before your intended date of departure.

Driving to your destination
If youíre intending to drive your car to your new home, hereís an essential checklist before you reverse out the driveway one last time.
- Check your oil level and tyre pressure
- Service your car
- Have your brakes checked
- Check your headlights and mirrors
- Check that you have a spare tyre and a first-aid kit
- Stock water, refreshments and snacks for the journey ahead
- If you have children, ensure that you have snacks, entertainment and things to keep them occupied
- Blankets and jackets if youíre relocating during the cooler months.

Shipping your car
If you decide to ship your car, then itís essential you start researching for a reputable shipping company. If youíre working to a tight budget then bear in mind that oftentimes the cheapest deal may not always be the best value for money. Itís also important to find out if the shipping company is able to ship the car from terminal to terminal or, even better, from door to door.

If you are taking your car abroad, then ensure your insurance covers you for this. Most insurers will only cover you for 3 months abroad, so itís worth looking into car insurance quotes. Thereís also shipping insurance to consider. Most shipping companies will offer some kind of cover to ensure that you donít have to foot the bill if your car is lost or damaged during shipping.

If you decide to seek insurance cover from your shipping company, make sure you know exactly what your premium covers and avoid any excess coverage, i.e. any unnecessary cover that you may not need. Some companies offer a higher premium based on your destination and your make and model of car. For example, if you have a classic car, or an expensive sports or luxury model, itís advised that you take out a higher insurance premium to ensure that you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances.