The forgotten art of communication

Modern life demands a mobile phone - preferably a smartphone - and to be without one is to be lost in a world where everything from personal organisation to Internet shopping is done through your phone.

The UK has enthusiastically embraced the mobile phone like few other developed nations: it was recently reported by Internet giant Google that the UK experienced the biggest surge in smartphone use in 2011 - ahead of other countries like the US and Germany. But the forgetful people of the United Kingdom also lose many of these mobiles; in fact, itís probably more unusual to have never lost a mobile phone than to have lost several.

Losing a mobile can be a disaster: uninsured phones can be an expensive loss and everything from sensitive personal details to sentimental holiday snaps can be held on modern mobiles - and the heavy feeling of frustration and loss that arrives when realising that an expensive model like an iPhone is nowhere to be found is probably familiar to everybody.

Mobiles can be left behind in a variety of situations and circumstances - and one of the typical places where mobile phones are lost is on the train. South West Trains recently produced a great infographic that looks at all the items that have somehow went amiss on their train network, which connects London to the cities and towns on the west of the country, like Bristol and Exeter.

They found that over 200 mobile phones per month, or 1,200 mobiles per year, are lost by travelers on South West Trainsí network alone. And If CompareMyMobile.comís recently-announced average value of a second-hand mobile of £101 is to be taken, then the scale of this loss on South West Trainsí network alone is over £100,000 per year.

Thankfully, mobile owners often manage to claim their increasingly more valuable mobiles back, and in some cases forgetful but lucky commuters managed to reclaim their phones on as many as three separate occasions.

Itís not only mobiles that are lost on trains: a wide range of other objects are lost and found on a daily basis. These items can lurk anywhere on a scale from the benign to the bizarre and, representing the bizarre end of the scale, a prosthetic arm was once handed in to the lost property office and a man once lost and successfully reclaimed his rucksack on four separate occasions.

Consciously remembering to take care of a mobile phone is one simple way to make sure that the chaos that of losing a phone or other important possession is avoided - and you donít become part of the stats that are illustrated on South West Trainsí next infographic!