How to deal with accidents with foreign drivers

With a huge number of tourists pouring into the UK this summer for the Olympics, many tourists will be renting vehicles to get around. If you happen to get in an accident with a foreign driver, in the UK or abroad, there are certain steps you will need to take to ensure you can make your claim. The claiming process will be different depending on if you are in the UK or abroad. This article will cover the steps you should take if you get in an accident with a foreign driver.

Accidents with a foreign driver within the UK If you happen to get in an accident with a foreign driver, itís important that you are able to get all the driverís details; this includes temporary contact details and their permanent address in their country of origin. Be sure to take note all the details of the vehicle as well as whether the vehicle has been rented or is owned by the driver. The driver should be either insured through his rental company or through his personal policy.
The next step is to contact your insurer so you can notify them of all the relevant details, such as time and place, registration. You should take a photo if possible. The situation becomes somewhat more difficult if you happen to have an accident with an uninsured foreign driver. If you need help sorting this out, itís best to contact the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) who can offer you advice as well as pursue your case. You may also be required to seek legal advice from road accident solicitors to help your claim abroad; many of these solicitors operate on a ďno win no fee basisĒ, so you can rest assured that you have options.

Accidents abroad There is no fool proof way of handling accidents abroad as the law will vary from country to country, meaning that the course of action to be taken must be in accordance with the law of the country where the accident occurred. In some cases this may mean that the person may not in fact be responsible for the accident, or that the police must decide who is responsible. It is therefore advised that you seek professional council before acting.
Where you have been involved in an accident abroad we recommend you contact the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers on 0115 958 0585 to discuss finding a lawyer experienced in claims in the country where the accident occurred.