Cheap destinations in Europe

With the performance of the pound against the Euro in recent years, Europe has all but disappeared off most peopleís radar as a destination for those looking for a budget holiday. But with the pound at a 4 year high, combined with the economic troubles hitting many European countries and some fantastic currency deals to be had, the continent is once again a viable option for those looking for a bargain.

Some things havenít changed and if youíre looking for a holiday on a budget, then you can pretty much ignore Scandinavia. As a tourist destination, it continues to be one of the most expensive places to visit. You need to take out a loan just to buy a beer in most places.

And although there are lots of cheaper accommodation options in places like France and Spain, these countries will always attract holiday makers, both foreign and local, so although prices might be cheaper, they wonít be as low as other, less obvious destinations.

Greece has suffered badly in the economic strife thatís swept across Europe and the tourism industry is feeling the strain. Holiday makers were scared off by the lack of stability, not wanting to chance being stranded if Greece had to suddenly leave the Euro. Numbers visiting this summer are way down and with things settling down and the Euro looking like itís not going anywhere, nowís the time to grab a last minute bargain. Whether you want 2 weeks of partying, peaceful endless beaches, island hopping, great food, warm seas and friendly people, Greece has something for everyone.

Bulgaria has recently been listed as the cheapest holiday destination in Europe but itís worth visiting for so many other reasons. Gorgeous villages dot the countryside, the beaches are as good as any in Greece and Italy and the summer season is generally a bit longer.

If you donít want to as far as Bulgaria, Portugal is a cheaper and less crowded alternative to Spain. Add together a short flight time and less scorching temperatures than its neighbour and you get the perfect family holiday destination.