Why Jersey is a great family holiday destination

Located right off the coast of Normandy, Jersey is a British Crown Dependency just like its sister island, Guernsey. Only five miles by nine miles, Jersey has a beautiful coastline and a varied landscape.

The island has fiercely guarded its independence since the war, manifested in strict governing rights of residency and a reluctance to adopt controls over its thriving financial services industry (it is an offshore centre of finance).

Jersey is popular for its online shopping and other services. Most major UK retailers have moved their warehouses to the islands where they can sell their products and services tax free (as Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union).

Unspoilt landscape
With its unique blend of British and French influences, Jersey is a lovely destination where you can relax and get away from it all. Itís a perfect idyllic location to unwind, clear your head and lose yourself along the islandís many winding lanes or on its breath-taking coast, which is why so many people are booking package holidays to Jersey in 2012.
Expect to find history at every turn; walkers will be taken in by the pristine beaches and the islandís stunning natural beauty.
From spectacular cliff-top panoramic views to shimmering secluded coves, you can explore a little bit of everything and spend hours on beautiful beaches enjoying the quiet life.

Genuine hospitality
All places have their charms, but what sets Jersey apart is its unique location, which makes it a particularly ideal base from which to explore other places. Known for its warm and genuine hospitality the locals are keen to welcome you and show off their culture and traditions with annual festivals such as the Food Festival in May (which gives you a superb behind-the-scenes access to local farms and fisheries) and the Sunset Concerts in June, which cover every music genre from reggae to jazz.

Romantic past
The islandís romantic past as an infamous spot for pirates and smugglers adds to the sense of idyllic remoteness. With traffic almost non-existent thereís virtually no resemblance of city life or noise, which makes this island an even more attractive place to visit for city dwellers who are keen to escape the concrete jungle. Itís easy to understand why this island is a popular destination for people of all ages, because it is quiet and also family friendly and ideal for outdoor pursuits.

What to do?
Everything on the island is relatively small so if you venture out to the beautiful St. Ouen Bay, youíll be able to delight in the superb El Tico views.
Head for the beaches (there are so many to choose from) and the main town, St. Helier, which is similar to small provincial towns all over Britain.

Jersey cream teas
Many people, at the mention of Jersey, think of endless beaches and tax-free shopping; however, if you find yourself in Jersey, it is imperative that you try one of its famed cream teas. As one of the islandís main attractions, you will always find a coffee shop or restaurant that serves Jerseyís speciality. Book your flight now with Co op travel.