What are the best cheap ski resorts in Europe?

Up until recently, the idea of a cheap ski holiday has been somewhat of a contradiction. Naturally the best and most reputable countries for skiing (France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria) are the most expensive places to ski, meaning you must look further afield if you intend to ski on a budget. Eastern Europe has become the new place to go if you intend to ski for cheap.

Eastern European ski resorts have received much criticism for their lack of quality facilities in the past but as these destinations have become more popular, the facilities that are on offer have begun to rapidly improve. It is advised that if you intend to ski in Eastern Europe that you try and bring your own skis, as with some resorts there is no knowing how well-maintained the equipment is. If you are having problems finding a cheap ski holiday, we have compiled a few suggestions for those looking for a budget ski holiday in Europe.

Czech Republic: Letís face it, for some of us itís not just the skiing that makes the holiday but rather the food, drink and friends that make it all worthwhile. The Czech Republic has become a great location for those looking to have a good time and save money. Those looking for cheap ski deals should try the slightly out of the way Spindleruv Mlyn or the most popular resort Krkonose.

Poland: If you intend to go skiing in Poland, look no further than Zakopane. Located south of Krakow you can easily find cheap group ski holidays in some of Polandís most beautiful scenery. Zakopane is an extremely popular location these days so looking to ski outside of the school holidays is advised.

Russia: One top tip for finding quality cheap ski locations in Europe is to find resorts which host high profile winter sports events, this usually guarantees that the facilities are of a certain standard. With Russia being the host of the 2014 winter Olympics you can rest assured that the facilities on offer will be of a high standard or at least soon will be. The resort of Sochi, where the Winter Olympics will be held, is the most popular skiing location and prices are extremely reasonable. More experienced skiers who are looking to save money are advised to visit Krasnaya Polyana, a rapidly modernising ski resort that boasts some of the best free riding spots in the world.

Finding the best deal: Whenever looking to book a holiday it is recommended that you do a healthy amount of research to find the best deals out there. When booking budget ski holidays, try and avoid the month of February as this tends to be the busiest time. If you intend to go skiing in December, be warned that snowfall can be unpredictable and in some cases not very fruitful. If you thoroughly research, looking for user reviews on forums and websites, you can be sure to find the right holiday for you.