All inclusive holidays versus self-catering

All inclusive or self-catering is a question posed by many when it comes to planning a holiday, and there are clear advantages to both. There is a huge selection of fantastic resorts across the world, which doesn’t make the decision any easier, and often comes down to what you want from your holiday. Many people opt for self-catering because they want to sample the local food and eat exactly what they want, without feeling tied down to returning to eat in the hotel restaurant each night. For others, an all-inclusive holiday simply takes the stress away – you know exactly how much the holiday will cost so there is no danger of blowing the budget on the first day. In this article we will go through the pros and cons of each option.

Self-catering holidays are often seen as the cheaper option, as taking the price of food out of the equation means you can get a great deal on a room for the week. With self-catering you can shop at the local supermarkets, and so are able to eat for a fraction of the price of a hotel. It also means that you are free to roam, and eat when you feel like it, without having to return to the resort. Often the restaurants in all-inclusive resorts are located on site, and because they have to cater for all tastes they do not offer the local fare that is attractive to many travellers.

Another advantage of going self-catering is that you can visit more remote locations, as all-inclusive resorts tend to be large and located in main tourist areas. Self-catering holidays offer a greater choice of location and will give you a more intimate experience.

However, for some people the prospect of having to cook whilst on holiday doesn’t sit well – after all you’re on holiday to relax; not cook and wash the dishes! All inclusive holidays offer the truly stress-free holiday, with no arguments about money as everything is already paid for.

The thinking that self-catering holidays are always the cheaper option is starting to change, with many all-inclusive resorts offer great deals in some exotic locations. If you are a big eater (or a big drinker!) you can still feel satisfied after meals without having to shell out each time at a restaurant. Many all-inclusive resorts offer a choice of restaurants and have all-you-can eat buffets with a huge range of choice. This is especially important if you have children who may be too fussy to go for the unknown local ‘delicacies’.

Whether you choose self-catering, or stress-free all inclusive holidays, you are sure to have a great break. The best advice is to go with the flow and book the holiday that suits you best at that moment – you can always choose the other option next time!