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Hello All,
We’re now at the end of our stay in Dubai. Off to Mumbai tonight. We’ve been to the racetrack of course, walked along the private beaches at the famous Jumeira Beach Hotel and Burj El Arab hotel (the one on TV shaped like a sail), visited the souks (markets), which have everything from gold and spices to textiles and electrical goods.
Just a brief note as we have to check our hotel for the first night in India.

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Dear friends and business colleagues,
Please excuse the blanket email.
In October I will embark on a year of travelling. Time marches on, so I am grabbing this opportunity before comfortable hotels become a must when choosing accommodation! I don't want to bore you with updates if you're not interested so if you would like to hear from me please email my webmail address and I will keep you posted.
To my racing and paint industry colleagues, thank you for your support. I wish you all a successful twelve months, and please don't forget I may need some work this time next year!
To friends, I hope I've seen you recently. I know I'm missing a few weddings (sorry), but if you fancy a stag do (or just a holiday) further afield, perhaps we can meet up so let me know!
Kind regards

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