Best adventure or experiential holidays - Africa

Two weeks in Morrocco during Ramadan, mid-summer with unforgiving temperatures of 45-50C. The most sweltering and intense holiday experience, breaking the fast with the locals on the largest town square in Africa was amazing.
Josephine Le Buzullier

Treking to see the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda has to be the MOST awesome experience on the planet. To be at such close quarters to such a powerful animal and to witness the gentleness of a massive silverback as he cradles a baby in his massive hand is a truely amazing thing, and something that I will NEVER forget.
Sally Turner

South Africa
Five nights in the Kruger staying in three different camps - saw all the big 5 most amazing was a cheetah up a tree with an impala feast. Also an elephant who stopped in front of our jeep, stuck out his ears threw his trunk int he air and trumpeted - amazing. Three nights exploring Cape Town - Table Mountain, Hermanus and Cape Point (stunning). My daughter abseiled down Table Mountain. A most amazing holiday
Muriel Peace

My best experience was in Tunisia. My Girlfriend and I were hustled by some local camel herders offering rides. They took us out into the dessert for about an hour until we were parched and we arrived at a hut, where we were dressed in Bedouin clothing and photographed with a polaroid, then charged 10 for the pictures! We were then offered cans of coke form a bucket of ice for 5 each - thinking we had an hours trip back we brought 2 cans! We then got back on the camels and were led 100 yards back over a dune to the resort, having gone round in a large circle!! They definitely saw us coming and when I complained, they threw stones at us until we ran off - What a laugh!!
Michael Bartlett

I travelled to Kenya in 1998. Apart from all the wonderful animals and lanscape my most exciting part was a hot air balloon flight I took. We left before sunrise, about 10 people all seated in thsi huge basket, before i knew it we were allowed to stand and looking over the basket i saw the most amazing sight of what felt like the shole of the masia mara beneath me. As we gained height the sun was starting to come up and the view was mesmerising, we could see lions waking with their young cubs along the side of the bushes, we saw giraffes grazing from the trees, and an elephant alone just wandering, obviously has left his herd to die. We saw a cheetah going after a wilderbeast and a huge pack of zebras. The ride itself lasted around an hour and we saw many amazing sights that i feel privalaged to have seen. Normally on safari they take you out when the animals are not hunting (you know so they dont eat you) but going above them to see them in their natural habitat just wandering as if no one was watching, well that to me was priceless. The Balloon ride ended and we were treated to a champagne breakfast before being taken back to our accomodation. The best experience i have ever had
Joanne Turner