Best long haul destinations - Australia

South Australia
Travelling around South Australia, which has the most gorgeous beaches, islands and coast line, which we kayaked around. We did bungy jumping, went on a Segway round Queenstown, did paragliding and jet-boating in a ravine. We also had a trek up the Fox Glacier! It was such a great experience and we had the best time!
Lisa Barker

Darwin, Australia
Humpty Doo, Darwin, Australia, July - August, 1994. Stayed with my Aunt who lived out there. Totally different way and pace of life. Had her own house with miles of land all around. Her nearest neighbour lived two miles up the road. Also visited Nature Parks, and saw plenty of wildlife - kangaroos, crocodiles, parrots. Also flew to Brisbane, Queensland, stayed with my sister who lived there. We wenty to the Mardi Gras in Sydney with friends. Amazing experiences!
Chris Wild

Uluru, Australia
My visit to Uluru (Ayres Rock) Australia was filled with magical daylight experiences on walks organised and narrated by Aboriginal Guides. Evening dinner under the stars was complemented by astrological appreciation of Southern Hemisphere skies that were totally natural and without any light pollution. Pure nature on both counts that left a long lasting impression.
Patrick Oldfield

Tasmania, Australia
Staying on the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania and in particular staying at a cosy cottage in Coles Bay, walking down the garden to the beach to watch the sun set, and doing the Wineglass Bay lookout walk and discovering Honeymoon Cove. Stunning!
Hannah Hart