My Best Holidays Ever - West Coast USA

My most wonderful holiday was a twelve day trip to the west Coast of the USA with my daughter. Our first stop was Las Vegas.

I enjoyed the whole holiday but had always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. I had seen advertised in an English Sunday newspaper one of the top ten road trips. This was the trip we took, as I describe further below.

The tickets for this had to be bought at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. On arrival, we made our way to the Paris and, sure enough, we were able to buy the tickets. We were staying at the Stratosphere Hotel but we had to make our way to the Hotel, Circus Circus, at about 6 am. Here, we were picked up in a small bus, along with about 20 other people.

We travelled out of Vegas and into the Mohave desert. Here were the magnificent Joshua trees, standing out dark green against the blue sky. A coyote darted past us here, and into the scrub. Amazing! On our journey we drove past Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. The landscape began to become very rugged. In places the scenery was like something out of a cowboy film. I thought John Wayne would ride past on his horse!

As we got closer to the Canyon, we saw tepees in a group. These belonged to the Native American Indians, for this area was part of was part of their reservation. We then got closer to the edge of the Canyon and here a helicopter waited which was to take us on a flight down to the base of the Canyon.

The pilot decided that we could sit on the front seats. As the helicopter was a large bubble of glass I guessed we would be in for a good view. I was correct! It roared into life and took off, whereby we seemed to be diving off the edge of the Canyon! It was like jumping from a height! Awesome! Beneath us was the Colorado River, a thin silver sliver between the rocks. The sun streamed down here making ever changing patterns on the stone. The scenery was stunning.

We landed by the river, and were greeted by a Native American Indian in a boat. We climbed into the boat and were then taken for a journey along the river where we saw the Canyon from a different angle. Afterwards, we boarded the helicopter to climb to the Rim again. It was a slow journey to the top and seemed to last for ages!

We then had a traditional lunch made by these lovely local people. The luch consisted of sweet beef, sweet corn, and beans and was delicious. We found an outside picnic table on the edge of the Rim where we could eat and also take in the beauty and magnificence of this lovely place. We sat and admired the lovely view, which was so glorious.

Sadly it was soon time to leave this wonderful place and make our way back to Las Vegas. My holiday in America may have been brief but my memories of this time are with me always !