The Best Sleepover Airports in the World

If you are a regular air traveller, especially one whose journeys often involve multiple connecting flights, then the experience of an overnight stay in an airport terminal has likely happened to you. Roaming around an empty terminus searching for a comfortable place to lay your head is rarely a pleasurable experience, but there are a few airports across the globe that cater better than others to the pseudo-homeless air traveller looking to bed down for the night amongst the duty free and departure desks.


The Schiphol International Airport in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam is a terminal sleepers dream. Not only is the airport itself clean, safe and airy but the airport also features the ‘holy grail’ of the sleeping passenger – the lounge chair. These chairs are recliner style allowing for a comfortable sleeping position and in some cases are placed in darkened areas, making them even more perfect for catching some Z’s.


The second and third terminals of Heathrow airport are certainly the best of the bunch, with understanding security for the most part who are happy to let you shack up in various secluded areas for the night. Heathrow also has a good selection of 24hour cafes and restaurants and Wi-Fi access, so if you can’t sleep you can always prop yourself up with a bucket of coffee and YouTube. Alternatively there is a good selection of cheap Heathrow airport hotels nearby for those who feel that you really can put a price on a good nights sleep.


When an airport brands itself as “More than an Airport” you can be sure that facilities for a traveller planning to spend a lot of time there are going to be top notch. Munich airport certainly lives up to its slogan, but once you are tired of all the entertainment, shopping and relaxation facilities the airport offers then it is time to find somewhere to rest your eyes. Munich provides this brilliantly with the ‘Napcab’ - purpose built sleeping pods that are positioned by the departure gates and offer you hourly rates to get your much needed sleep in privacy and comfort.

Hong Kong

Like Amsterdam’s airport Hong Kong is also renowned for its light and airy feel thanks to the liberal use of large glass panels in its construction. It is also an ideal place for an overnight un-paid stopover with the inclusion of lounge chairs; it is also fairly easy to find a secluded corner to get your head down. The airport has a large number of shops and cafes that are open 24hrs, ideal for the long stopover.