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Dear All
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Thanks for all your emails. Sorry I can't reply to them all but please keep them coming. It's good to hear what's going on outside our little travellers bubble!

We're staying put in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand until the new year. I'll let you know what we've been up to next time.
Hi guys
Sorry you've not had updates. Until now I've not been able to access my email but have now solved problem and will keep you posted on our adventures. Bri

Our readers Indian travel highlights

Dear All,
We are nearly done in India now. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Mumbai – Flew in and it was drizzling (!) as we drove through shanty town after shanty town to our hotel. Later, as we walked around the south of the city we saw some terrible conditions… dirty & disease riddled and some terrible suffering.

Delhi – a crazy city with shouting, hassling touts everywhere and it seems the rickshaws are driven by frustrated racing drivers. We stayed in the backpackers bazaar area and visited the Red Fort and Qtab Minar.

Agra – the Taj Mahal is amazing and worth the trip alone. Photos really don’t do it justice. We also visited another fort – there are forts and temples everywhere in India.

Varanasi – The Ganges is a Holy river but terribly polluted in places. Watching the funeral ghats was an experience and we have learnt a great deal from the people about their religion and beliefs which is fascinating.

Shimia – After a week of hectic travels on the train we took time out in this Himalayan hill station. We arrived via the Toy Train which winds a tortuous path up the mountainside. It’s where the British Raj ran the government from during the hot summer months. It’s a wonderfully relaxing place and the perfect antidote.

Amritsar – a quick visit to the Golden Temple and that’s about it. The mozzies got us here during the night so I hope the malaria tablets are working!

Jaipur – The pink city thought the traffic and pollution are taking over. Another fort as usual was impressive. Lots of hassle from sellers so we were glad to leave.

Jaisalmer – a lovely place with much of the town inside the living fort. It was as if the huge fort had risen out of the ground like a sandcastle. We took a camel day safari through the desert and ate dinner under the stars on the dunes.

Jodhpur – The blue city with another huge fort – the largest and most impressive of them all and the best lassis (yoghurty drink). We bought some stunning textiles and spices and it was great to be able to chat to the people without hassle.

Udaipur – meant to be India’s Venice but the lake surrounding the palace has dried up. I’m sure it ‘s beautiful and the people are friendly not pushy. This is where they filmed James Bond’s Octopussy which is screened every day all over the place.

Goa – we’ve just finished a two week beach break here which has been lovely. The seafood is excellent and dirt cheap.

India has rattled our senses... smell, taste, sight & hearing especially! But it’s been a wonderful experience and we’ve learnt a lot about the people and culture.

We’re off to Sri Lanka later this week. Will keep you posted.
Take care,