Set your holiday photos free

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when we took these funny things called ‘film cameras’ on holiday. For some reason, they stopped working after every 36 pictures and you had to wait until you got home to see your holiday photos for the first time.

OK, so digital cameras have revolutionised the way we take our holiday snaps, mainly for the better most would agree. But one of the biggest advantages of the digital camera – the ability to take and keep 1,000s of pictures without the need to buy countless rolls of film – is also one of the biggest disadvantages.

With our memory cards and hard drives bursting with thousands of holiday images, how many of us routinely print off our holiday photos these days? I bet most of you only briefly view your holiday pictures on screen or share your pictures with your friends on Facebook. The trouble is, digital images are all too frequently viewed only fleetingly, spending most of their time buried under a pile of digital detritus.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Use those blank walls you keep looking at and get your favourite holiday pictures up there for all to see, every day. That’s right, let’s get printing again. But be selective, choose your favourites and go large - large photos are like loud music – so much more enjoyable.

There are a whole range of things you can do with your digital photos now (and I’m not just talking key chains and mugs). Why not make a feature wall out of that iconic holiday scene with photo wallpaper? It will change the feel of the whole room. Or for smaller budgets, simply getting your holiday photos enlarged to poster size can work wonders. Stretched canvas prints are popular and high gloss posters up to A0 in size (that’s a whopping 119 cm x 84 cm) are now very affordable too.

Holidays are precious times, not just for the fun and enjoyment you get at the time, but for the lifelong memories they can make. So go on, set those memories free!