Enjoying your holiday when you own a small business

A recent YouGov survey has found that 35% of UK adults interviewed admitted to checking emails from work outside of working hours, while 10% also admitted to checking their work emails whilst on holiday.

These numbers will strike a chord with many small business owners and indeed many might well have suspected higher percentages! Running your own business can be stressful at the best of times and holidays should really be about escaping from this stress rather than taking it with you!

So what is the answer for all those one man (or woman) businesses out there?...

1) Get a partner. It sounds obvious but having a business partner you can trust means you feel safe in the knowledge that the business is in good hands. This enables you to focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself.

2) Put away your work mobile. Ok, so it might be unrealistic for you to leave it at home but you can at least lock it in the hotel safe for the day. If you do need to check emails then why not set aside 10 minutes each evening... even the most urgent of messages can usually wait a few hours.

3) Let people know. Before you go away, make sure that important customers know that you are away and how they can contact you in an emergency. Even the most demanding of clients will usually respect the sanctity of your holiday and not contact you unless they absolutely have to!

4) Make your car work whilst you holiday. If you are going on a UK holiday with your car then why not try this neat idea from VehicleCardHolders.com. Their cardholders let you advertise your business on your car whilst you sit back, relax & enjoy your holiday. Wherever your car is parked up, passers by can take a business card 24 hours a day 7 days a week, bringing you in new customers and expanding your business to completely new parts of the country. What could be better than a holiday where you sit back, relax AND make money?!

And those are our tips for all you hardworking business owners out there. So, enjoy your holidays... you deserve it!