Riding the Dusty Trail

Regular sun, sea and sand holidays are great to recharge the batteries if you’ve had a trying year up until the summertime, but nowadays people are looking for trips away with a twist. Adventure holidays are a hot topic now that package deals are a lot cheaper than they used to be a few years ago, so consider one of the many lively options that are available this year.

Choose one of the many great parts of the UK that allow you the chance to hike across challenging terrain or climb famous peaks. Thousands of Brits head to the likes of the Pennines, Ben Nevis and Mount Snowdon each year to achieve something meaningful in the great outdoors, better still try biking through popular woodland areas with the family and provide a healthier form of summer break. You may start to think that the cost of being kitted with the right equipment will be sky high but there are low competitive prices for road bikes online.

However, for some the summer is all about foreign shores with blue lagoons and clear skies, plus you could always try going off the beaten track whilst you are over there. We all know that scooters and quad bikes are readily available in most resorts through the Mediterranean, but instead think about hiring bikes. Sure you probably won’t find a BMX shop or anything specific as that but there will be places that offer bikes for hire that are made to deal with the terrain. You could even pretend you are the next Tour de France winner and try cycling one of the shorter stages planned for next year's race.

Alternatively, imagine heading out into the landscape of southern Turkey around places like Marmaris and Icmeler where there are endless lush green forests that coat the hilly region. You will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking beauty and every now and again you’ll come across picturesque views looking down on the towns and out onto the Mediterranean Sea.