Getting Started With Snowboarding

Stop. Please keep in mind it is advisable to make sure you are covered in case of any accidents while you're on vacation. This grows more crucial if you are engaging in high risk events which include most winter sports activities. Columbus Direct provides ski travel insurance so that skiers are protected in the event of any unexpected medical emergency.

If you’re looking for a new winter sport to try your hand at or if you’ve never been and just simply think that snowboarding looks more exciting than skiing then we can’t blame you at all. Snowboarding is fantastic with there being few feelings more exhilarating than carving your way down a mountain with a single strip of wood as your only control. With that in mind we thought we’d take a look at getting started in snowboarding and how to best prepare for that first thrill ride down a snow laden mountain.

So why snowboard?

There are so many reasons to snowboard and you probably know a lot of them already so we won’t bore you for too long. So snowboarding is fantastic exercise set in some of the most exciting scenery in the world. If you don’t find snow covered mountains beautiful then there is something severely wrong with you. Snowboarding is also of course a huge amount of fun and most importantly can fill you with adrenaline as you chase down some of the most epic slopes available around the world. Finally as we don’t need to tell you how great it is we have the huge potential for tricks. Tricks are what really make snowboarding that little much better than all the other winter sports with the potential to do some hair raising stunts whilst enjoying the fantastic snow.

How to prepare?

Before actually booking your holiday it’s a great idea to prepare in a few ways.

Firstly get in shape as there is nothing so soul destroying as finding you need a lie down after only two hours on the slopes. Cardio exercises prior to your trip are a great way to get in shape and make sure you get the absolute most of your trip so we’d recommend getting in shape.

Secondly you can hit the dry slopes and get some pre-snow training. You’ll probably want to take lessons when you get to your destination anyway but getting some pre-trip lessons and experience will mean you get much more out of your trip – after all you want to start hitting the big slopes as soon as possible I’m sure. Dry slopes offer you a great chance to get in shape and improve your skills ready for the season and there are also a number of indoor snow slopes that will give you an experience a little closer to the real thing – though at a slightly higher premium. Where to go?

Once you’ve had a little preparation you’ll be feeling psyched to get on the slopes so you can flex your new found snowboarding feet. However, choosing from the plethora of destinations can be a little more tricky. To keep things simple we’d recommend you head to one of the well-known winter sports destinations such as the Alps or Rockies and choose a resort with a good mixture of beginner and intermediate slopes. This way you’ll be able to work up in challenge and difficulty whilst still having a great amount to choose from.

Before you go

Before you go you’re going to need to make sure you have all your essentials. Warm weather gear is of course essential as is board rental and boot rental. Also don’t forget you will need ski insurance (which does of course cover snowboarding) and you will need a lift pass. Have fun and get going.