Hypersonic Travel - Reset your Flight Time Calculator

Have you ever found yourself bemoaning the lengthy flight times from London England to Sydney Australia, or even from London Heathrow to New York JFK? Well, it may be time to rethink your flight times calculator because Supersonic business jet travel may be just around the corner. HyperMach, an aerospace firm, recently revealed plans to make a 2,664mph SonicStar jet. This compares to Concorde’s top speed of about 1,350mph and will reduce your flight time from London to New York to under 2 hours.

Does anyone remember Phil Collins doing his 2 Band Aid gigs back in 1985? One in the UK and then one in the USA? Well, his flying time from London Heathrow to Philadelphia via Concorde was a mere 3.5 hours. However, on a hypersonic jet he could have done the round trip in about the same time and been back at Wembley for the finale!!

Hypersonic flight would transform the longer long haul flights as well. You might need a fuel stop, but the flight time from London Heathrow to Sydney Australia would come in at well under 6 hours. And the flight time from Sydney to Hawaii could be just a couple of hours.

Is this all just a flight of fancy though?! Will the commercial reality mean that these hypersonic planes never get much further than the drawing board. Only time will tell but it's hard to imagine that Concorde will indefinitely retain its status as the fastest ever commercial jet.