Join the Tour: Five Trips You Should Try in 2011

It is officially summer; the time of year when holidaymakers jet off to enjoy exciting getaways. Whether you are travelling with children or going on a holiday with friends, why not spice things up this year and organise an adventure?

The best thing about adventure travel is that you can tailor a trip to suit your needs. With the best tour operators it is easy to make any excursion into the unknown, completely stress free.

Here are the best of the best when it comes to taking a walk towards the wild side with your annual trip abroad.

Explore Africa: Cape Town To Kigali

Africa is such a varied continent you could spend a great deal of time just deciding where exactly you want to go. A safari is a safe option when it comes to ensuring you make the best use of your time.

The ultimate wildlife experience, safari holidays are the sort of trips that everyone should do at least once. Coming face to face with some of the world’s most beautiful creatures is truly an incredible experience.

From Cape Town you can travel north through a series of vineyards, canyons and game parks with the opportunity to stop at waterfalls and lakes for a dip. Including organised gorilla trekking near Kigali, on this journey you will experience the very best of African wildlife.

Flicking through holiday snaps becomes a lot more interesting when the occasional gorilla in Rwanda or wildebeest on the Serengeti turns up.

Central America: Cancun To Panama City

Vibrant colours, scents and beautiful jungle scenes, welcome you to Central America. Whatever you are looking for, this part of the world will have it. For those seeking a cultural experience you can get lost in the jungle, or fiesta in a small Indian village.

Want to get relaxed and get a tan? Then take a trip to one of many beautiful tropical beaches.

A particularly exciting trip is from Cancun to Panama City. Taking about 40 days you can capture this diverse region with highlights including Mexico and Belize.

Central Asia: Experience Mongolia

The most adventurous of travellers love exploring this part of the world and you can see why; it is home to a rich history with spectacular architecture and ancient ruins.

A top tip is to take a trip on the Trans-Mongolian Express; it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Mongolia is a pretty amazing place to discover. Though UlaanBaatar is a modern city, many locals outside the capital still live in traditional tents, and children learn to ride horses from a young age. If you want to experience nature at its rawest then this is the place to go.

Mongolian wilderness adventures can be organised relatively cheaply allowing you to venture into the heart of this beautiful country for a reasonable price.

South East Asia: Exploring Borneo

South East Asia has it all, whether you want to immerse yourself in natural beauty or enjoy the vibrant city life of Singapore.

The Cambodian jungle and heavenly beaches of South Thailand are well worth checking out and it is easy to move across this diverse region.

A lot of visitors to South East Asia opt for a home stay or choose to watch orangutans in Borneo; truly the most adorable and mischievous creatures on Earth.

Most trips to Borneo start in Kota Kinabalu and end in Kuching; you can book for a nine day tour and see a lot during your time away.

Referred to as one of South-East Asia’s best kept secrets by those in the know, Borneo is an adventurer’s paradise.

South America: La Paz And Back Again

South America is becoming more popular amongst backpackers by the day. It has diverse landscapes, the Amazon jungle, the peaks of the Andes and world famous beaches. It is no surprise so many people are flocking to this part of the world.

A popular tour starts and ends in La Paz, where travellers can explore the highest city in the world, before setting off by bus and train to the beautiful salt desert of Uyuni.

You can do as much or as little as you want during your time in South America; be it taking a hike through the jungle or chilling out with a book and a cocktail, the memories you will take away with you will be priceless.