How to Travel Cheap: 8 Simple and Effective Measures You Can Take

We’ve all been there at some point, browsing the Internet for Heathrow coaches, and trying to find the right one to get you to the airport on time; then having this niggling feeling of whether or not you can afford this holiday. The truth is, you can. If you plan ahead and take on board these helpful hints, you’ll be arriving at the airport without a care in the world, excited to get to your chosen holiday destination.

1. Travel by Coach

First of all, you’re doing a good job already by booking a coach to get you to the airport. It’ll save on the combined cost of petrol and airport parking. Plus Stansted airport buses (as with many UK airports, will link you between the coach and the terminal.

2. Plan in Advance

Think ahead; take a look online or in brochures and see what attractions there are in your destination. Which ones are free and are they in walking distance? You can save a packet just by doing your research before you leave. Doing this will also help you with your packing; no ‘just in case’ outfits will be clogging up your suitcase!

You can find wonderful restaurants and countless attractions for your enjoyment in Borneo. If you are looking for something a little more scenic, though, the iconic rainforests of the Indonesian province of Kalimantan will provide a lasting impression.

3. Do Your Research

Make sure you find out the weight limit for your flight. Be sure to keep checking the weight of your suitcase to avoid any charges from the airline. These are never pleasant and can put a downer on the holiday from the start.

Your accommodation and flights are another huge factor of your holiday and in many cases can take up a lot of your budget. By planning ahead and booking far in advance, many airlines and hotels will be much cheaper. Booking last minute will leave your wallet much lighter, especially with long haul trips.

It is strongly advised that tourists looking to venture Down Under travel with a guide, but either way you are sure to see some wonderful wildlife.

4. Get Out of the Tourist Trap!

To keep your holiday a bit more exciting, when you get to your destination head towards the locals. Find the cafes, restaurants and supermarkets that are mainly used by the people who live there. You are more likely to avoid the tourist prices here.

If you are heading to a country that speaks a foreign language, do your best to learn the basics before your holiday. This will win over many of the locals and will hopefully save you from being charged extra by the taxis. If they think you know the language, you’re less likely to be given a double fare taxi ride.

5. Look for Booking Deals

Maybe you’re taking your holiday within the UK. Traveling by coach to many UK destinations is easy and cheap, so barely any forward thinking is required. You could even go last minute with and find things are a little cheaper.

6. Keep an Eye Out for Discounts

The truth is, you can do just as much in the UK as you can abroad. You can look at the top things to do in the UK at the click of a button. Also, while you’re online, have a look at voucher websites; these can provide good discounts at many of the UK’s top attractions, saving you money when you buy tickets.

7. Go Camping!

How about taking your holiday in the great outdoors; you can easily go camping by coach. You’ll be surprised how much a luggage compartment can hold, so there should be room for a small tent and your camping gear; passengers can also take two suitcases each. Campsites cost much less than hotels, and by going self-catering you’ll be saving some cash too.

8. Save on Travel

Finally, taking your holiday within the UK means no airport tax, and no two-hour wait in the departure lounge. Both time and money saved in one go.

Holidaying on a budget doesn’t have to be a nightmare; taking on board these few easy steps can ensure that you go further with your money.