Great Places to Explore

Thanks to key developments in the travel industry, the world has never been smaller, and exploring exotic tourist hotspots has never been easier. Who knows: this could be the year you have that unforgettable trip. Before you book that luxury safari in Kenya, consider one of the options from our top five places to visit this summer:


If you’re looking for adventure in the most scenic of environments, Tanzania should be one of your first considerations. The country is home to some of the world’s greatest landscapes, from the enormous Mt Kilimanjaro to the vast Lake Victoria.

There are some wonderful places to visit, and a luxury safari in Tanzania is a breath-taking way to see some of the best sites the country has to offer.


For something to remember, Borneo luxury holidays will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime. The island is split into three different regions, mainly between Indonesia and Malaysia with a small segment belonging to the independent state of Brunei.

You can find wonderful restaurants and countless attractions for your enjoyment in Borneo. If you are looking for something a little more scenic, though, the iconic rainforests of the Indonesian province of Kalimantan will provide a lasting impression.


In Australia, the division between rural and urban is never more pronounced. For those of us who love the countryside, the Aussie Outback offers the chance to meet some of the country’s most famous species up close and personal.

It is strongly advised that tourists looking to venture Down Under travel with a guide, but either way you are sure to see some wonderful wildlife.


Thailand’s cuisine, culture and vibrancy is discovered by a number of tourists every year. It is growing in popularity and for good reason. In the country you’ll be immersed in idyllic surroundings that you’ll adore, from crystal clear turquoise oceans on the coast to leafy jungles for nature enthusiasts.

Eating in Thailand is a culinary experience and will introduce you to new flavours, with award-winning service from hoteliers who thrive on catering to your every whim. A trip here is the ultimate way to broaden your horizons.


Famed for carnivals and passionate atmosphere, Brazil is a holiday destination that never ceases to enthral you. In the country you will find an authentic mix of culture, music, film and sport, as well as some of the most stunning landscapes found in the world.

Home of the phenomenal Iguacu Falls and the largely untouched Amazon Rainforest, many of the world’s natural wonders call Brazil home. You can take a helicopter ride out over some of these wonderful landmarks, with expert guides providing context to your Brazilian trip.

After your wild adventures, luxury is not far away, with cities such as Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro offering some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world.