Venice Hot Spots for 2011

By guest blogger Yuli...

Venice Italy is much more than just a romantic getaway; the city, which stretches over 117 small islands is stunning, fall of history, exciting and tailor made for tourists. Because the city is so extremely popular and full of visitors all year long, the offered prices tend to get over the top and unreasonable. That is why when visiting Venice, it is wise to do some research on the current hot spots in the city; that will guarantee you that at least if you’re about the pay too much money on a piece of steak, at least it would be a good one!

In order to make life easier for you, we gathered here the top Venice hot spots for 2011:

1. Zen Café - Address: Via Torre Belfredo, 110, Mestre

Zen Cafe

If you want to experience luxury to the max, than this is the place for you. As soon as you enter the Zen café you will be amazed by the gorgeous and super chic design. It is clear that everything here was planned to make the visitors feel welcome and at ease. The café, which is located in the city center offer great music, delicious food and beautiful crowd. This is the place where the stylish people of Venice go to when they want to have a nice cocktail, eat great dinner and feel like they are important. The service is over the top and each penny you will spend here is totally worth it! As the Zen café tends to get completely full, especially over the weekend, make sure to make reservation up front.

2. 947 Club House - Address: Castello 4337, Venezia

947 Club

947 club house is one of the top clubs in the city at the moment. The best DJs from all over the world arrive here in order to mix some groovy sounds for the fashionable people of Venice. But music is not the only reason why time after time the place gets packed with visitors: the quality of the food and drinks here is so high standards that it makes you understand very quickly, here, there is no room for mistakes, everything is the best of the best. If you don’t want to wait in line too long to get in, become a member of the club on their website and you will be treated like a true VIP.

3. Vincent Bar - Adress: Viale 4 Novembre, 36, 30132 Venezia, Italië

What can be better than to have a cold beer while sitting on a beautiful terrace, during a sunny day, watching the blue lagoons? You are absolutely right: nothing. The Vincent bar is one for these magical places in Venice that most of the chances you would never hear about them, unless you are a local. The bar is located on the waterside of Venice and aside from amazing view and chill out atmosphere, the prices are actually normal and the people are more tourists-friendly. Spend your afternoon sipping a cold drink and enjoying probably, the best ice-cream in town. Just promise us one thing ok? Please don’t too many people about this amazing spot!

4. Vini da Arturo restaurant - Address: Calle degli Assassini, Near Piazza San Marco

The Vini da Arturo restaurant is “playing it hard to get” for visitors and that’s exactly the reason why it is so extremely popular. The location of the place is not so easy to find, there is no seafood on the menu unlike other restaurant in Venice and on top of it all, they don’t accept credit cards! Now, you probably ask yourself: why shell I even go there? Well, the answer is simple: the food is absolutely divine. The place’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the owner of the restaurant is always there, many times even sit and chat with the customers. There are no snobbish people here and the waitresses always make you feel welcome and free to request whatever you wish for. The specialty of the Vini da Arturo is meat, and a lot of it! Just pick something from the menu and you surly won’t regret it! Don’t forget to make reservation in advance as the place have only 10 dining tables.