Wonderful Caribbean Cruises

Summer is coming! You can feel it and see it on the faces around you. And with the Caribbean lifestyle just a short cruise away, you can experience Jamaica, or the Bahamas or the coast of Florida from the luxury of your modern Royal Caribbean cruise liner, and without the hassle of changing hotel rooms or struggling through airports for each destination you want to visit. What a great way to head for the sun!

Caribbean Cruise

Sandy white beaches, crystal blue-green waters, distant misty mountain tops and clear blue skies all beckon within easy reach of your super cruise ship, complete with a wide range of onboard activities, luxurious dining, cabaret and even first-run cinema. On your Caribbean adventure, you can celebrate summer in a grand style, and soak up the sunshine as well.


The mountainous island of Jamaica captures you and draws you closer, as you first view it from the deck of your luxurious ocean liner. The blossoming landscapes, pure white beaches, and happy colourful people welcome you. The influence of African culture and cuisine abound on the island, and the friendly, happy people are eager to make your visit a memorable one. Day trips to Laughing Waters in Montego Bay, and the Dunn's River Falls are easily arranged and well worth it. For the truly adventurous, be sure to try a wonderful swim with the dolphins and rafting down the exciting Mountain Valley is a thrill you will never forget.


The sunny and friendly island of Barbados will relax and delight you. Bridgetown is your port and gateway to exploring the sights and sound and tastes of the Caribbean. Touring by bicycle or taxi both offer you the chance to stop and delve deeper into this lovely island, whether it be a dip in the waters by a secluded beach, or just sunbathing and watching the puffy white clouds drift slowly by you. For the more adventurous, the Amazing Aqua World offers its air-conditioned submarine tour of the land under the sea, full of beautiful coral and a vast array of multi-coloured fishes.

St Kitts

Discover the wonderful landscape of St Kitts' rainforests, wonderful 18th century colonial houses, pristing coastline and dark cool caves on your summer Caribbean cruise. Scuba diving is very popular here, and many resort areas offer both "day courses" as well as just plain ol' snorkelling from the surface. Whichever you choose, an amazing collection of colours and sounds await you in the underwater world. The Zip Wire at Sky Safari allows you amazing views of the island from on-high!