North Cyprus holiday tips

Whenever you choose to take your holiday in North Cyprus, it will be a rewarding experience. If it is out of high season there are often some cheap Cyprus holidays to be snapped up and, if you have paid less, they feel even more rewarding!

If you want a different experience from your holiday, look out for the many festivals taking place in North Cyprus. Carob, tulip, olive, silk, orange, water melon, grape, there are plenty of festivals and they offer a real snapshot on the culture.

The tulip festival in the village of Camlibel is held in early April in celebration of the wild tulip. The Cyprus black tulip is an endemic species growing in the cornfields. Calling it black is a little romantic since it is really just dark red. It grows well near Tepebasi and it gives them the perfect excuse for a festival. Many of the festivals take the same form, there will be folk dancing for certain with many of the local groups including children’s groups taking part. Decked out in their traditional costumes the dancers provide a colourful and entertaining spectacle.

There will be a market area too with local handicrafts on sale and typical delicious festival food. More than likely to be freshly made while you wait. Samisi is a real favourite rather like an apple turnover although the filling is usually a flavoured semolina.

Lokma is an especially big favourite with the Turkish Cypriots since they do like sweet things. This is nothing more than a ball of sweet dough deep fried until golden then soaked in a sugar or honey syrup. Tulumba is not so different from lokma except it's a ridged sausage shape.Gozleme, another favourite, can be sweet or savoury. Here a piece of dough is rolled out very thinly using an okul , a long, thin rolling pin, to make a large circle. This can be filled with almost anything, spinach, mincemeat, mushrooms or even potatoes but at festivals it is usually cheese or sugar. This is folded into half or into a square and cooked on a griddle which takes only a minute or less.

North Cyprus holidays has a lot more to offer holidaymakers!