Cheap Flights between London and Amsterdam

For two incredible cities so close to one another, low cost flights make travel between London and Amsterdam a simple and inexpensive process.

Plenty of Londoners, of course, have long been savvy to the fact: a huge positive that comes from living in London is that there is so much within your reach. The rest of Europe is only a few hours away and brings with it a diverse range of locations and cultures to sample. And of course, the flip side is that those who live in continental Europe have one of the World’s greatest cities just the other side of the Channel. When discussing the World’s great cities, and the places that you ‘have to visit’, London is always mentioned.

There are a range of cheap flights to London to choose from. Unlike other destinations, the city doesn’t rely on good weather or seasonal changes to attract visitors; it has appeal all year around. While flights may see marginal price changes in the summer, the difference isn’t as big as other places, and it isn’t necessarily the best time to come. When it gets colder, and people wrap and cuddle up together, London’s charm glows through.

The distance between London and the rest of the continent means that trips to and from the city don’t have to be meticulously-planned journeys. Spur of the moment cheap flights can bring about weekends away, perfect for much-needed time out, or a birthday getaway for your other half.

Those who come to Europe from far further afield have to make the most of their trip and spend two or three weeks at a time. Europe’s intimacy means that you can visit for a long weekend, and if you don’t manage to fit everything in, which is a distinct possibility in London, you can do it all again soon.

London has a number of airports that welcome in its visitors; Gatwick and Heathrow are the big hitters, but Stansted, Luton and London City airports are all smaller and possibly even better equipped for the shorter flights as this is what they specialise in.

Despite being one of the largest and busiest cites on the planet, London is still beautiful. In the spring and summer, the city’s generous parks begin to fill up; they become destination points to meet up with friends, places to stop and eat or to hang out in and pass a lazy day. These vast green spaces are straddled by historic buildings and attractions. You can visit Hyde Park or Green Park as you find your way to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Abbey.

Head slightly north from there and you can hit Soho; great for shopping, drinking and partying. The area and its surroundings are heaving with shops: high-end to budget and with everything in between. Then add all the restaurants, cafes, bars and of course, old British pubs. You can revert into the ultimate tourist and drive through in a black cab, past the red telephone boxes and end up with a pint of beer and a plate of fish and chips.

As the seasons change, your plans in London shouldn’t alter massively; it may get colder in the autumn a crisp walks can be just as atmospheric as lying in the summer sun. The streets of London get busier as Christmas shopping approaches its peak. Carnaby Street and Oxford Street will be decked out in decoration and there will be stalls on the pavements serving up roast chestnuts. Cold beers become mulled wine and spiced apple cider to warm the insides.

If you’re already in London, though, and you want a trip away, then by all means head off. Of all the places to reach from London, arguably the easiest and cheapest is Amsterdam.

The Netherlands’ capital is less than 90 minutes away by plane. While the two cities share some common traits, they can also be a different experience altogether: you can still get a bag of chips, but they’ll have mayonnaise on them instead of ketchup.

In Amsterdam, everything is just that bit smaller and a slightly more relaxed. While London can be daunting owing to the fact that everybody is seemingly in a rush at all times, the pace of Amsterdam makes it more ideal for time away.

Amsterdam manages to marry the supposed vices of the red light district and the coffee shops with a history full of beautiful architecture and some of the finest art in the World. Where both are concerned, there is blasé attitude to what they produce; it may be visitors raising their eyebrows at the cannabis sold in coffee shops, or standing in awe in front of the work of Van Gogh, it doesn’t matter; this is what the Dutch do.

Like London, Amsterdam can offer amazing experiences throughout the year. As well as the Van Gogh museum, there is the house of Anne Frank, and the Rijksmuseum; which houses artwork from the Dutch Golden Age, including work by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The city’s football team, Ajax, is one of the most successful in European history, and a match is worth the visit. The club and subsequently the county’s philosophy to how the game should be played, a marriage of expression, creativity and free-thinking, led to the name ‘total football’ and is considered a reflection of the country’s ideals in everyday life.

There may be fun to be had all year round, but Queen’s Day is when Amsterdam explodes. The festival marks the birthday of the Queen and is a public holiday where the streets are filled to the brim with everyone donning orange clothes and setting up market stalls. You can buy anything and everything, and there are parties, concerts and events all happening alongside. The entire city becomes a street party and as a spectacle, let alone an experience, it is something to behold.

Only a matter of minutes apart, these two cities offer a vibrant mix of cultures. Their influences from around the World have subsequently led to them creating their very own unique identities. It is irrelevant which direction you move in, because either trip will convince you that just the once was never going to be enough.